Me and My Comfortzone

Comfort zone

In childhood, it often happens that you are laying on the sofa and watching tv or nowadays most common playing video games. And your mother comes and asks you to play outside.

Did you have experienced this also?

In the scenario your mother unconsciously wants you to get out of your comfort zone. I became familiar with the concept at a summit that I attended in 2019.

Comfort zone is a more realistic and an applied concept in our daily life. We encounter it more often in our life. It is a situation where your bran feels comfortable.

I see the comfort zone as a mental cage.

Which works as an obstacle in our life in terms of exploring new things.
Did you ever felt your need to change your lifestyle and said to yourself, “tomorrow I will wake up early and start my work more seriously or finish the all-unfinished works”?

I guess it is a common feeling that most of us feel.

Here you are struggling to get out of your comfort zone.

After reading the above part, the first question that comes to our mind is “why should I get out of my comfort zone? How it will help me?”

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Because getting out of one’s Comfort zone can help to get more productive. And according to some researchers in some circumstances, it enhances our creativity.

We see Professionals and motivational speakers also say sometimes try to take a step forward.

For example, getting out of our comfort zone, learning a new skill, starting a new habit, working on bad habits, and others things like these waits for us with a positive reward.

We can also train ourselves to adjust to change and be more adaptive. It will keep us calm in situations with high pressure.

In movies and of course in real life, we sometimes see and hear of people who become successful or get fortunate after a dramatic or chaotic change in their lives.

Here the incident forces the person to get out of the comfort zone and fight with the situation.
It also lets us know our capacity.

And obviously, the step of getting out of the comfort zone makes us confident when we start to see rays of success.

Our brain is very lazy. It wants to stay in the condition it used to be. It dislikes change.

That’s why we have to struggle so much to get out of our comfort zone. And even if you take a step forward in the next step you will face the fear zone.

In the fear zone, you will try to find excuses, your self-confidence might get low or you might be affected by others’ words or fear what would others say. (As this article is about the comfort zone I don’t want to talk so much about other zones, that’s why I am keeping this discussion short)

But once we get us of these two zones, we will face a learning zone and the growth zone. And our efforts will start to pay off.

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